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At Titchfield we aim to provide a memorable, engaging and relevant curriculum that meets the needs and interests of all children to ensure that they make the best possible progress.

Teachers plan learning activities that link to themes and topics that are constructed with the children e.g. a topic entiitled 'Sirens and Shelters' linked to World War 2 might begin with a discussion about what the children know already before moving onto what opportunities for learning there might be.

Supporting the schools vision statement, mission, aims and values ( see school policies) at the heart of our planning we identify essential skills for learning which are: 
  • Communication
  • Thinking
  • Resilient problem solving
  • Consideration/Empathy
  • Teamwork
  • Independence
These skills are planned for and tracked within our themes.

Numeracy and Literacy (reading, writing, listening and speaking skills) are also carefully planned for within this thematic approach so that children make good progress. National curriculum level descriptors and national literacy and numeracy materials help us to accurately assess and track children's progress which is reported to parents termly.

Provision is made for all children including children with special educational needs or those with a particular gift or talent. Some children may be withdrawn from lessons for short periods of time for one to one tuition and we also have a 'nurture unit', the 'dolphin' room to help meet the needs of children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Other children may ahve particular challenges presented to them or planned opportunities to show off their special talents e.g. by extension activities in maths, extra time and challenge for more able writers to pursue excellence and opportunities for sporting , artistic or musical talent to shine.

Above all else, we aim to provide a curriculum that is built around the child and responsive to their needs and interests. 

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Inspired By 'Help for Heroes Day' (45MB)

Marathon to raise money for HaitI

Marathon to raise money for HaitI (58KB)

Outdoor learning

Outdoor learning (311KB)

Pans Ablaze

Pans Ablaze (137KB)

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pub.gif: Jubilee Grounds

Jubilee Grounds

These are our plans to develop the bottom field. Mr Ireland, a parent at the school, will be carrying out the work to the paths and Heritage trees will be providing the 'mulch' for the wooded areas free of charge!
File size: 15MB (Publisher File)

pub.gif: Our 'Essential Skills for Learning' curriculum.

Our 'Essential Skills for Learning' curriculum.

File size: 18MB (Publisher File)

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