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Our Governing Body

Welcome to the Governors section of our school website. We thought you might like to know a little bit about us and what we do.
Chair of Governors - Mr Nick Girdler
Clerk to Governors - Julie Lumley-Pistor

Mrs Jill Underwood
Mrs Susan McCaig
Mrs Janet Tucker
Mrs Gill Flynn
Mrs Donna Bone
Mrs Hannah Parkinson
Mrs Judith Wozniak
Mrs Maureen Colyer
Ms Susan Creal
Mrs Sam Yeldon

Associate Members
Mrs Hannah Parkinson
Mrs Janet Tucker

Local Authority Governors
Mr Nick Girdler

Parent Governors
Mrs Ailia Ashworth
Mr Andrew Hoare

Staff Governors
Mrs Nicola White
Mr Michael Bainbridge (HT)


The Governing Body (GB) together with the Headteacher and senior staff, forms the school Leadership and Management team, and share responsibility for the school.  The GB must hold the school to account for the standards it achieves.  It must ensure that all resources (including the school budget and staff) are properly used to meet the needs of all children and provide value for money.  Governors help to form the School Improvement Plan and are responsible for monitoring all aspects of its effectiveness in terms of outcomes for pupils.    

The GB appoints the Headteacher, and delegates to him responsibility for the day to day running of the school.


Who are the Governors?

The Governing Body is made up of 4 groups who represent the stakeholders of the school : staff, parents, the community and the Local Authority.  This range of people is intended to provide a broad and  balanced selection of viewpoints and to represent each sector of the school’s community. 

Individual governors have no ‘power’ as such and cannot act or speak on behalf of the Body.  Decisions are made by the Board as a whole.  Governor’s are not ‘delegates’ for a group – all governors are equal – they represent the various groups of stakeholders of the school.


The term of office for a governor is 4 years.


Staff : There are 3 staff governors.  The Headteacher, as well as managing the school, is also a governor and is responsible for providing the GB with the information it needs to plan strategically for school improvement.  Additionally there is a teaching governor and a non-teaching governor, elected from and by the staff of the school. 

Parents : 5 of our GB places are for parents, elected from and by the parents at school. 

Community : 3 of our GB places are for Community governors, local people who have an interest in education and often want to ‘put something back’, elected by the governors themselves.  

Local Authority : 3 of our GB places are for LA governors, people who have applied to be governors and are proposed to the GB by the Local Authority or the County Council.  




What does the work involve?

The GB meets once every half term (currently 7pm-9pm).

In addition, there are two committees, Curriculum& Standards and Finance& Resources, who undertake some of the work of the GB.  Each governor belongs to one of the committees, and these meet every half term for around 90 minutes per meeting.   There are documents that need to be read in preparation for all meetings.

In total, that is 4 meetings (approx 6-8 hours of meetings) per term, plus reading/research  time. 


There are also working parties to deal with aspects of work that come up from time to time, such as SEN, Equality policies etc. 


Each class has an attached governor who regularly goes into school to get to know children and staff  and to gain a working knowledge of the school.  Governors also go into school on a more official basis to formally monitor aspects of the School Improvement Plan.



There is no longer a legal requirement for Governing Bodies to hold an AGM, but the GB must ensure that it communicates its work to parents and other stakeholders. 

For the last five years the GB have produced a summer newsletter to provide information about its work over the course of the year.  Each year the GB and senior management team seek to access the views of all stakeholders, particularly parents, pupils and staff.  These views inform planning for improvement.

Information about the work of the school is available on the school website (including up-to-date school policies) and through the prospectus. 



What qualifications are needed?

No formal qualifications are required, just a desire to put experience and life skills to good use.

Governors are people with an interest in education and a belief in working together to improve outcomes for local children.  They are people who have a few hours to spare each month, and enjoy being part of a team.



What about training?

New governors are given a full induction pack about being a governor at Titchfield Primary School (including a CD of the Guide to the Law for School Governors) and attend an induction course.  The Training-Liaison-Governor helps with training needs.   If it would be helpful, you will be offered a mentor who can help with any queries/ settling in etc.   

Advice is  available on-line through the Governors Intranet  and through Governor Services at Havant.



It seems like an awful lot of work - why do it?

Most people find it very rewarding to be part of the school team, working in partnership with staff and community to secure the best possible education for the children of Titchfield.

All governors are welcomed and each plays a vital role in ensuring the governing body is aware of the views of parents and the local community.


The guidelines giving full details about how vacancies are filled, can be seen at the school office. You might also like to look at the information for prospective governors on the Hampshire County Council website    Please note that for the protection of children all governor appointments are subject to a vetting process and identity check.

(Feb 2013)

Gallery - please click to view

Mrs Sue McCaig

Mrs Sue McCaig (159KB)

Mrs Nicola White

Mrs Nicola White (133KB)

Mrs Maureen Colyer

Mrs Maureen Colyer (136KB)

Mrs Janet Tucker

Mrs Janet Tucker (108KB)

Mrs Jill Underwood

Mrs Jill Underwood (147KB)

Mrs Judith Wozniak

Mrs Judith Wozniak (121KB)

Mrs Gill Flynn

Mrs Gill Flynn (111KB)

Mrs Donna Bone

Mrs Donna Bone (124KB)

Mr Andrew Hoare

Mr Andrew Hoare (138KB)

Mrs Ailia Ashworth

Mrs Ailia Ashworth (126KB)

Mrs Sue Creal ( Vice Chair Of Governors)

Mrs Sue Creal ( Vice Chair Of Governors) (134KB)

Mr Nick Girdler ( Chair Of Governors)

Mr Nick Girdler ( Chair Of Governors) (113KB)

Articles - please click a heading

Governing Body Minutes.

Our school governing body meets twice termly as a full governing body and also as curriculum and finance committees. The minutes of these meetin...

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pdf.gif: Governor Information & Responsibilities

Governor Information & Responsibilities

File size: 19KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Governors newsletter April 2015

Governors newsletter April 2015

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pdf.gif: Single Central Record Guidance

Single Central Record Guidance

File size: 172KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Best Value Statement

Best Value Statement

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