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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Executive Headteacher - Mrs Sandra Cammish
Assistant Headteachers - Miss Taylor & Mrs Yeldon

Year R – HMS Explorer
Miss Taylor – Class Teacher                          
Mrs Thomas– Learning Support Assistant
Year 1 - HMS Talent
Miss Cope – Class Teacher 
Mrs Young – Learning Support Assistant

Year 2 – RFA Diligence
Miss Dugan – Class Teacher                                       
Mrs Osman – Learning Support Assistant
Mrs May – Learning Support Assistant

Year 3 – HMS Endurance
Mrs Burgess – Class Teacher                         
Mrs Evans – Learning Support Assistant
Year 4 – HMS Vigilant
Mr Murray – Class Teacher  
Mrs White – Learning Support Assistant

Year 5 – HMS Astute
Mrs Beacher – Class Teacher   
Mrs Walton - Class Teacher
Mrs Taylor – Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Jones – Learning Support Assistant
Year 6 – HMS Illustrious
Mrs Marsh – Class Teacher
Mrs Yeldon – Class Teacher   
Mrs Southworth – Learning Support Assistant

PPA Cover
Year R, 1 & 2 - Mrs Sinnett
Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 - Mrs Walton

Inclusions Manager - Miss Taylor supported by Mrs Evans
ELSA - Miss Lockwood

Admin Officer - Mrs Hyland
Admin Assistant - Mrs Wenham
Finance Officer - Mrs Heffer

Library Manager - Mrs Dale

School cook - Mrs Cowie
Kitchen Assistants - Mrs Hynd & Mrs Marshall

Senior Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Mrs Thomas
Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants:
Mrs Rickman
Mrs Couzens
Mrs Norgate
Mrs Smith-Adnitt

Caretaker - Mr Stretton
School Cleaners - Mrs Rowell and Mrs Furnell


Gallery - please click to view

Mrs St-John

Mrs St-John (89KB)

Mrs Addison

Mrs Addison (93KB)

Mrs Furnell

Mrs Furnell (77KB)

Miss Taylor

Miss Taylor (91KB)

Mrs Burgess

Mrs Burgess (88KB)

Mrs Yeldon

Mrs Yeldon (89KB)

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Thomas (90KB)

Mrs Walton

Mrs Walton (109KB)

Mrs Bond

Mrs Bond (107KB)

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Taylor (100KB)

Miss Dugan

Miss Dugan (122KB)

Mrs Beacher

Mrs Beacher (104KB)

Mrs Hyland

Mrs Hyland (101KB)

Mrs Evans

Mrs Evans (122KB)

Mrs White

Mrs White (134KB)

Mrs Osman

Mrs Osman (145KB)

Mrs Marsh

Mrs Marsh (116KB)

Mrs Young

Mrs Young (121KB)

Mrs Lockwood

Mrs Lockwood (128KB)

Mrs Southworth

Mrs Southworth (116KB)

Mrs Heffer

Mrs Heffer (115KB)

Mrs Dale

Mrs Dale (121KB)

Mrs May

Mrs May (107KB)

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