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Titchfield Primary School

'It’s a really lovely 1 class per year school with amazing staff'. Y3 and Y5 parent. 'The helpful team cares for kids not because they need to but because they love to' YR and Y3 parent 'Your child will have a friend at our school' Y4 child. 'The teachers are amazing' Y6 child 'Everyone knows one another and looks out for one another too' former parent. 'Titchfield is absolutely brilliant, I live in Gosport and travel there every day.' YR,3 and 5 parent.

The case of the stolen biscuits - Guilty Verdict !

Oh dear , Mr Olway has been found guilty by a jury of year 5 children. Well done Year 6 for your defence and prosecution arguments.
Tudor punishment - Hands cut off
Victorian punishment - Hard labour
Modern punishment - Community service
Which do you think is most fitting ?