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Titchfield Primary School

'It’s a really lovely 1 class per year school with amazing staff'. Y3 and Y5 parent. 'The helpful team cares for kids not because they need to but because they love to' YR and Y3 parent 'Your child will have a friend at our school' Y4 child. 'The teachers are amazing' Y6 child 'Everyone knows one another and looks out for one another too' former parent. 'Titchfield is absolutely brilliant, I live in Gosport and travel there every day.' YR,3 and 5 parent.

Assessing children's learning

At Titchfield Primary School ‘We STRIVE for Success’. It is essential that we know exactly what our children are able to do and what their next steps in learning need to be. Accurate assessment is the tool for ensuring we have the information to plan relevant learning experiences which enable all children to be successful and make at least good progress. Assessment processes should reinforce children’s self-confidence and self-esteem by recognising and giving praise for progress and attainment as well as enabling teachers to support children in making rapid and sustained progress. Assessment is integral to high quality teaching and learning; it plays an integral part in each teacher’s planning and enables the evaluation of current practice.


If you want further information, please look at our Assessment for Learning policy.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, statutory assessment procedures have been cancelled.  As there has been a disruption to schooling over the last two academic years, we have taken advice from the local authority and put together an assessment principles document for the academic year 2020-2021.


The aims of this document are:


  • To give pupils effective feedback so they know what they have done well and what they need to improve
  • To ensure that the positive achievements of a child are recognised and the next steps are planned
  • To provide information to evaluate teaching and learning practice
  • To give parents/carers a clear idea of what their children can do and what they need to do to progress.
  • To provide information to inform the school’s strategic planning
  • To provide transition information to secondary schools