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Titchfield Primary School

'It’s a really lovely 1 class per year school with amazing staff'. Y3 and Y5 parent. 'The helpful team cares for kids not because they need to but because they love to' YR and Y3 parent 'Your child will have a friend at our school' Y4 child. 'The teachers are amazing' Y6 child 'Everyone knows one another and looks out for one another too' former parent. 'Titchfield is absolutely brilliant, I live in Gosport and travel there every day.' YR,3 and 5 parent.

Transition to secondary school (Year 6)

The School Nursing service have provided resources to help with the smooth transition of pupils from year 6 into year 7.


Please find attached some resources that have been used successfully within the last year and we hope Year 6 children and families will find these useful.

  • The Public Health England, ‘Rise Above for schools’  (Year 6)  is appropriate for Year 6 pupils and could be shared with the Year 6 parents     
  • The Family Wellbeing Pack was sent out recently and contains information and links to useful websites for professionals, parents and children/young people to support and advice over this Covid 19 lockdown