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Titchfield Primary School

'It’s a really lovely 1 class per year school with amazing staff'. Y3 and Y5 parent. 'The helpful team cares for kids not because they need to but because they love to' YR and Y3 parent 'Your child will have a friend at our school' Y4 child. 'The teachers are amazing' Y6 child 'Everyone knows one another and looks out for one another too' former parent. 'Titchfield is absolutely brilliant, I live in Gosport and travel there every day.' YR,3 and 5 parent.

Year 3 Earth

Earth composers 

Earth class had the honour of performing their musical creations in front of some of their parents on Wednesday! They were challenged to compose and perform a song to the wordless book, Tuesday, and what a fantastic job they did! The children thought her carefully about each page and how to use their instruments to reflect what was happening. Super stars! 

Poetry the Venus Fly Trap 

Wow! the author Michael Rosen has responded to our tweet. The year 3 children were so excited when Miss Clark showed them his response this morning. He's right of course all our children are amazing poets.

The Ancient Eqyptians

Earth class spent their half term learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. They were fascinated by the weird and wonderful things the Ancient Egyptians did and took a real interest in the mummification process and tombs! We spent time learning about tombs, mummification and the afterlife and the children planned and made their very own tomb models. The children were so proud to show these off to their parents and carers after school and were able to use fantastic historical vocabulary to explain each part of the tomb. What a wonderful bunch of historians Earth class are! 

Welcome to our school 

Earth class have been focusing on Welcoming in RE, relating to Palm Sunday. They were asked to make a booklet which would make people feel welcomed if they are visiting or if they are new to the school.